iPhone 7 comes with iOS 9, Full HD Display

Now that the iPhone 6 is gone fashion and no one talks about them, it is the time to start talking about the iPhone 7. Xerix93 of Deviantart designer has imagined that the iPhone 7 can come with 4.7-inch screen full HD, with a very different from the previous models construction.

The edges of the iPhone 7 according to this model are aluminum and are cut with a monocrystalline diamond, to improve the quality of finish. The phone’s screen as you explain above it is Full HD, with a density of 469 ppi and iPhone 7 comes with iOS 9, Full HD Displaycon standard sRGB full of bright colors, greater contrast, impressive brightness and white balance.

This model of the iPhone 7 is supposed to have an even slimmer profile and the buttons are placed in an intuitive way. The box is made of stainless steel and the operating system iOS 9. There is a new way to share content with family and the whole issue of the user interface has become less colorful and with fewer errors.

If you are user of devices iPhones, that change you see in them?

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