mParivahan Android App Provides New Transport Features

Transportation is one of the most advanced technology to travel across the world with no hesitation. Since we have lots of transportation ways, there must be some rules and regulations to have it owned by us. Lets look up with the road transport, though we can understand that you must attain a license for driving across the country using road transport. To have a license we should learn all the rules and regulations provided by the Motor vehicle department which should be obeyed compulsory by every citizen who gain a license. And also once we have bought a car, there are certain procedures to be completed by us through the Motor Vehicle Department.

However those procedures are processed under the Motor Vehicle Department various sections and is done with several days. Being a car owner, you need to have lots of procedures to get done before you can drive the vehicle. At first you need to register you vehicle under the Motor Vehicle Department and though they would provide you a registration number which will be an identification number for your vehicle in the Motor Vehicle Department. As a citizen you need work with lots of papers to get all these procedures done which will be only processed under various sections in the motor vehicle department.

This fabulous mobile application provides Transport Service access to citizens. The citizens are empowered with instant access to various information, services and utilities related to the Transport Sector. Thus it opens up a new digital arena of easily accessible transport services and facilities in the finger tip. In brief, the Motor Vehicle Department aims at bringing a more convenient way of service and access to the citizens and every information served here is much more transparent in this application.

mParivahan is a new android application that is designed and developed by NIC which works with the government to provide well featured applications that would enable government features through online. Since we were facing a difficulty in the government processes to get done, an application initiative could be a relief for all the users who are trying to access those government features. A new android application that provides all the vehicle department features through a single touch is quite interesting, isn’t it. Though we can analyse that there are thousands of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application.

Describing the new android application, the application is designed with several features which provide ease of access with vehicle department facilities. One of the major fact we should discuss about this application is that it is a genuine government application. Why we tell you this fact is that there are many fake application that shows you that they provide these government features but only ads. Getting an official app isn’t hard but quite difficult to recognize. And so the app completely provides you all the details of a vehicle like registration number, owner name..etc. If you are discovering any vehicle that might be stolen, you could simply check the vehicle information’s through search the registration number in this application.

Not only for such purposes, you can also check your own vehicle details through this application for knowing the registration date, registering authority, model, fuel type, vehicle age and its class, insurance validity, fitness validity. These information would be helpful if you are buying third party vehicle. Knowing all the details about the vehicle you use is compulsory in this century as there too many third party vehicles which might be gone under any police cases and something like that. However you can download the updated new android application from the android market or you can download and install it right from the provided link here.

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