Now add Your own whatsapp stickers.

As we know nowadays the Whatsapp messenger has been one of the most depending app by new generation which happened among the Smartphone apps.There are many other social media apps such as Facebook, instagram etc. but the Whatsapp has became viral within the least time and became one of the most preferred messenger apps among youths all around the world.We all know that whatsapp was initially launched 9 years ago as an online messaging app which was developed with some limited services and feature such as messaging only. Later on, the feature were extended to file sharing, voice calling, and then later on video calling.Now yet another feature has been added to whatsapp that is new sticker feature which will help the user to send and receive attractive stickers to friends or groups. This feature help the conversation to be exciting and attractive.

After Downloading and installing the Whatsapp from the google play store for free,start create your own stickers and start sharing.If you have been already installed whatsapp please update the app now to get the latest feature.After download the app,install the register your mobile number to start a whatsapp account. When you are making a conversation with any of your friends or in a group , you will have to click the Emoji icon(icon will be placed in the text input field or at the keyboard sides) if your device is iOS and you have to click on sticker icon if you are using an Android device. After click on sticker icon you will a list of  many stickers , if you want more stickers other than on your Whatsapp and if you wish to create your own sticker and add  to your library, then click ‘’+’’ sign.Now you could download the stickers  from the list of sticker shown so as to add the stickers to your personal Whatsapp library.

How to create your own stickers?:To create your own whatsapp sticker and to share it with your friends or grou,please follow the given below steps to get more details,also you can download the app the given below link or directly from the google store.

  • Open your Google Play Store and download whatsapp,If you have already installed the app,please update the whatsapp messenger.
  • Type as  “Sticker maker for Whatsapp” and search for it.
  • Now, you will get the app to be downloaded from the  Play Store, download and install the app now.
  • After intsalled the app,please open it.
  • From the app, select the option that says “Create a new sticker pack”,
  • Now you can type the text which is for descriptive purpose ,it may be your name or any others.
  • Then click  on the new list option available there.Now a new page will open on the screen with more than a dozen empty sticker trays
  • Click the appropriate icon to create an icon for the customized sticker pack and set the icon.
  • Now, you got a list of empty trays on the screen, click any tray and the app will ask to upload a photo which may be from the gallery or to click a photo in real time
  • Select the photo which you want and upload it.
  •  The uploaded photo or image will be displayed in an image editor and and now crop the image if needed
  • Save the sticker after have been completed and then select the new tray to create new stickers.
  • Now Click the option to  add the stickers and share your own sticker to whome ever you want.

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