Read Books; Stories; Novels Online In Your Language For Free

Have you ever read a book in your life ? Education is what makes you a better individual with the manners fulfilled with respect and honor to our beings. Its not all the education we study from the school and colleges but its also with the help of moral stories and famous novels, books..etc Reading books is good habit and can make one educated with the culture of every people around us and can be a better individual than before.

What we are describing is that as follows. As per the growth of the technology, majority of the people are busy with their daily life activities and is out of time for reading books and newspapers. As just because most of the resources are available online now. And so one of the renowned app developers Pratilipi has thought in a better way that why could these stories, books and novels be readable through online. What we need is only to download the application and install it into our smartphone. Access the language we need the books and stories to be, and the rest is all you can enjoy.

What Pratilipi is focusing into ? Many of the smartphone users can be doubtful in this question, as there are many fake applications around the android market giving fake promises and only ads which is totally a waste to the users. Pratilipi is a new android application which is build and designed completely for the online readers. Pratilipi is an e-book which avail most of the books and stories updated as text wise from the book store. Story telling is something we people love the most in our childhood. Though there is an another alternate android application of this developer which is updated with audio stories and books, novels…etc

Describing the new android application, we can say that the Pratilipi is now the largest digital platform in India which connects readers and writers even in 12 languages. What’s the highlighted part in this android application is that the app is built with more than 15 lac’s stories, books, poems, magazines, novels, articles, essays…etc And an another benefit or advantage of this Pratilipi android app is that you can connect with readers and writers in this world whoever has downloaded and installed this app. And though the analytical records of those downloads and installs counts more than 85 lac’s. Whats next is nothing more or less, you can download and install this amazing android application from the play store or from the link provided here.

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